Who is the Animal Whisperer

Amanda De Warren

Amanda De Warren has spent over 30 years connecting to animals and healing them. Even sceptics have marvelled when an animal with a troublesome condition has finally started to improve after Amanda’s psychic connection to them. 

For over five years, Amanda has been the famous Animal Whisperer, giving advice to Australian Woman’s Day readers on their pets. She connects with them so that they tell her in their own voice what is going on and what their symptoms are. Sometimes even vets have turned to Amanda to gain her valuable help. 


It all started back when Amanda was just five years old. At her uncle’s dairy farm, a very timid dog that didn’t go near anyone else sat right beside her and allowed her to pat it. From that day on, she knew she had a special connection with animals.

Another dog’s problem is typical of what Amanda can do. The dog was having trouble walking, but after three days of Amanda performing her healing process, it was once again able to jump in and out of the family ute with ease. The dog’s family was astounded!

There are thousands of happy pets and pet owners worldwide who will validate what Amanda has done for them. The results speak for themselves. She does what she calls a ‘body talk’ or ‘body scan’ on an animal, where she connects to their body and sees where the problems are, including emotional ones. She can then start working on the healing process. 

Allow the Animal Whisperer to whisper to your beloved pet so they stay in the best health. See which one of The Animal Whispers healing products is right for them.

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