Plato The Cat

1 March 2024

My beautiful 8 year old cat Plato was diagnosed with high grade lymphoma in late October 2022, which is an aggressive and fast spreading cancer, with a grim prognosis. It all started when I discovered a lump inside his mouth, on his gums. The vet performed a biopsy, which was sent off to the lab for testing. The tests were taking a long time and I could see Plato becoming more ill, which meant the disease was progressing. He gradually got to a stage where he was sleeping all the time, and would only wake up every few hours to eat very little and go to the toilet, then would go back to sleep. My heart was breaking seeing him like that and being helpless. I was sure that by the time all the medical tests were done and we were ready to discuss treatment options, it would be too late.

In the meantime, I decided to look for a psychic healer that works with animals, and after a short Google search, I was drawn to Amanda’s website. I booked a Seriously Sick Pet reading and Amanda was able to fit me in within a couple of days for a phone reading. The reading itself was amazing, especially as both my late parents and my grandmother turned up with messages for me and Plato, and although Amanda advised me she could not guarantee that the healing would work, she did not think that Plato would be departing this world at this time.

The phone reading with Amanda was early in the morning, and by that evening, Plato suddenly woke up and seemed much more energetic than he had in days, and went straight to the food and ate much more than he had for a while. I could not believe there was such a change literally within hours. In the days that followed I could see him gradually get better and better, and in a week his behaviour was back to normal, and I could no longer see the lump inside his mouth. The tumour had disappeared.

Plato’s vet called me to provide some more test results, and when I told her the lump was gone, she would not believe me. I told her that I contacted a psychic healer whose healing has obviously worked, but she tried to convince me not to believe in that too much. I wanted her to see the evidence for herself, so I booked an appointment and took Plato to the vet clinic for her to have a look for herself. She could not believe it!!! She looked inside Plato’s mouth, then looked at me with a shocked expression and said “It’s gone!!! The lump is gone!!!”. I said “Yes, I told you it’s gone.” She then said “This healer must be a miracle worker, because this is not physically possible.” She still expects Plato to deteriorate and told me to bring him back if he shows any signs of being unwell again, but it has been almost 1.5 years since Amanda’s initial healing and Plato is still doing great, with no health issues.

Amanda truly is a miracle worker, a real life angel, and she gave me a Christmas miracle in 2022, as all this happened a few weeks before Christmas. What could have been a very sad Christmas, turned out to be a miraculous one.

I could not be more grateful to Amanda, she is truly amazing!!!

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