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Here you can find  products for your beloved pets. Especially infused by renowned animal psychic, Amanda De Warren.

The Healing Discs

Each of The Animal Whispers healing discs is uniquely customised with your pet’s health in mind. Amanda will personally energise the disc so that when your pet wears it, it is in tune with their healing needs. It will cover all ailments, physical and emotional, with the infused healing energy lasting for the entire healing process.

All discs have a connection with a special healing space in Amanda’s home – the healing powerhouse. The heartbeat of this powerhouse is a mixture of energy from spiritual places, including Uluru and Fraser Island (nothing was taken from these sacred sites), and items such as crystals and oils. Amanda draws on this for each healing, harnessing the power and energy created with the help of her guides, healers, masters, and the universe. Your pet will be happier and healthier than ever before!


Help keep your pampered pet in overall good health and well-being with the Good Health and Well Being Disc energised with Amanda’s healing energy.


Just like us, our pets are more contented when they have emotional stability and balance. The Emotional Stability and Balance Discs are created to bring emotional harmony to your pets.


Puppies are pretty perfect already, but these amazing Puppy to Good Dog Discs will help your little friend find their abilities and strengths. They’re especially created for puppies from birth to the age of 6 months.


Why should an older pet not enjoy the best possible health? These unique Elderly Pet Discs have been specially created for your pets from about 7 years of age and upwards.



Choose from the Physical Ailments or Powerhouse Discs depending on the severity of your pet’s health issues. etc. The discs look the same but have very different roles.


About Animal Whispers

Amanda De Warren has spent over 30 years connecting to animals and healing them. Even sceptics have marvelled when an animal with a troublesome condition has finally started to improve after Amanda’s psychic connection to them.

For over five years, Amanda has been the famous Animal Whisperer, giving advice to Australian Woman’s Day readers on their pets. She connects with them so that they tell her in their own voice what is going on and what their symptoms are. Sometimes even vets have turned to Amanda to gain her valuable help.


Amanda is often called upon by various media outlets to talk or write for them. Keep an eye out here for Amanda’s latest media announcements. Alternatively if you require Amanda for your media event please  contact us through the contact form or message us through our social media channels.

Amanda writes weekly a weekly column ” The Animal Whisperer” in Australia’s Woman’s Day Magazine.

Amanda has a radio spot with Grant Denyer on 2Day FM where she discusses animal well being and takes calls from the public.

New Book

“Digital Version Available Now”

In Their Own Words

Exciting news! Amanda’s second book, is available to purchase! This unique book gives a never-before-seen insight into just what our feathered, furry and finned friends are thinking, straight from the animals’ mouths to Amanda’s ears.


Allow the Animal Whisperer to whisper to your beloved pet so they stay in the best health. See which one of The Animal Whispers healing products is right for them.

Animal Chatters


The Animal Chatters Facebook

The Animal Chatters Facebook page is where the renowned animal healer & communicator Amanda De Warren helps bring people & their pets closer together.


The Animal Chatters YouTube

The Animal Chatters YouTube page is where the renowned animal healer & communicator Amanda De Warren communicates with animals.

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