In Their Own Words



Exciting news! Amanda’s second book, Animal Whispers, is available to purchase!

Chapters include:

  • When Strays Turn Up
  • Animal Healing
  • Past Lives with Our Pets
  • Wisdom and Intuition – When Animals Know
  • Q & As where Amanda answers the sometimes strange questions she’s been asked, i.e. How does a hunting dog feel about killing other animals?
  • A section on Amanda’s own beloved pets, present and past.

This unique book gives a never-before-seen insight into just what our feathered, furry and finned friends are thinking, straight from the animals’ mouths to Amanda’s ears.


Many tales are related about readings which Amanda has conducted with clients about their pets, and all of them can be verified by those clients. She also recounts her childhood experiences, such as when she was a young child on her uncle’s farm and a dog was lost. Amanda knew via telepathic messages where the dog was and sure enough, he was found!

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