Elderly Good Health



Why should an older pet not enjoy the best possible health? These unique Elderly Pet Discs have been specially created for your pets from about 7 years of age and upwards.


  • Expels an energy that monitors possible ailments that begin to appear in ageing pets, e.g. arthritis or kidney damage
  • Dispenses a continual flow of healing energy on all anticipated ageing ailments
  • Continually connected to the main powerhouse and will dispense healing energy if and where needed.
  • Dispenses a continual flow of healing energy – basically a 24-hour health watch – on all anticipated ageing ailments

“When placing your order, please make sure to mention in the order notes to Amanda, what ailments your animal is suffering from”



These Elderly Pet Discs detect the beginnings of any ailments. They then connect to the main powerhouse so that they bring through the energy to automatically begin the healing process. They also dispense an even flow of healing energy to the pet that is advancing in age. We don’t want to be neglected in our older age, so make sure you love your pet in their advancing years.

Please note: These products are not meant to take the place of professional veterinary treatment. Please consult your vet, especially for very serious or terminal illnesses.

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