Puppy to Good Dog



Puppies are pretty perfect already, but these amazing Puppy Discs will help your little friend find their abilities and strengths. They’re especially created for puppies from birth to the age of 6 months.


  • Starts the energy flow from the moment the puppy is born
  • Is alerted to the puppy’s weakness and starts working immediately on correcting this
  • Preserves the initial energy of your puppy and builds on that – your puppy still keeps their own individual personality.

“When placing your order, please make sure to mention in the order notes to Amanda, what ailments your animal is suffering from”



These Puppy Discs maximise the positive energy in your puppy, helping them to be more alert and assisting them to find out who they are. A puppy’s personality starts to be created from 3 weeks old and these discs give them the ability to draw on these energies to discover themselves on many levels. It helps to bring out their own unique personalities and can also help if the puppy is showing signs of illness or emotional issues.

Please note: These products are not meant to take the place of professional veterinary treatment. Please consult your vet, especially for very serious or terminal illnesses.

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