Emotional Stability and Balance



Just like us, our pets are more contented when they have emotional balance. The Emotional Balance Discs are created to bring emotional harmony to your pets. The disc works on all of the emotional issues that you list when purchasing one.


  • Slow release energy takes its cue from your pet’s emotional state of mind
  • Helps to stop your pet reaching a ‘red zone’ of high anxiety so that the energy level is brought back to a safe level once again
  • Designed to work continuously, always being connected to the healing powerhouse that Amanda has created.

“When placing your order, please make sure to mention in the order notes to Amanda, what ailments your animal is suffering from”



Do you have a rescue animal, aggressive animal, or maybe a very timid one? Amanda wants to achieve harmonious energy for your pet, and these Emotional Balance Discs can be tuned in to your pet for all kinds of issues, such as having trouble getting into the car or eating problems. The emotional wellness created in your pet lasts a lifetime.

Please note: These products are not meant to take the place of professional veterinary treatment. Please consult your vet, especially for very serious or terminal illnesses.

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