Physical Ailments and Powerhouse Discs


Choose from the Physical or Powerhouse Discs depending on the severity of your pet’s health issues. The discs look the same but have very different roles.


Physical Disc:

  • Suitable for common ailments that need to be healed and monitored, from minor to more serious ones
  • Can also include emotional issues and can be infused by Amanda to deal with both physical and emotional problems
  • Energised by Amanda as soon as you order.

Powerhouse Disc:

  • Suitable for more severe ailments such as cancer, or a sudden illness or injury caused by an accident
  • Energised by Amanda as soon as you order
  • Energised for urgent healing
  • Includes a component which sends out a 24-hour continual burst of power healing, then the healing power is streamlined for the remainder of the healing process.
  • Not for terminal illnesses, but can assist pain relief of terminal illness-related symptoms.

“When placing your order, please make sure to mention in the order notes to Amanda, what ailments your animal is suffering from”

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These Physical Discs and Powerhouse Discs are infused with healing energy for all known ailments and others that Amanda might also pick up on which have not been detected or diagnosed yet. The discs are energised for the lifetime of your pet, continuing to monitor the animal even after they recover.

Please note: These products are not meant to take the place of professional veterinary treatment. Please consult your vet, especially for very serious or terminal illnesses.

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